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Chiropractic care works naturally without drugs or surgery to turn on your body’s own wonderful built in powers to heal and feel great. Your brain and spinal cord are your body’s source of vitality and healing. Get checked, get rid of nerve interference, and let the power flow!

Insight Subluxation Station

We can now analyze a patient’s condition more accurately, communicate findings more effectively – while allowing both the doctor and patient to track the effectiveness of treatment.

Bioimpedance Analysis

This painless and quick test is a great way to establish a baseline at the beginning of any new diet, supplement or exercise program. It is also a very useful test to add to any regular check-up. The test measures % body fat, % lean muscle, the number of calories used at rest, the health of the cell membrane (where nutrients get in and waste goes out), the amount of water inside the cell and outside the cell (a measure of toxicity), and a rating of current overall health.

Foot Orthodics

Your feet are your body’s foundation, and where your body first encounters gravity. Each foot has three arches. If any of these three have fallen, or are not functioning properly there will be extra strain on your feet, ankles, knees, hips and spine. Our office offers foot scanning and custom fitted insoles – Foot Levelers – based on the scan findings. These help protect against foot and knee pain and help maintain good spine alignment.


Acupuncture is a great tool for pain relief, supporting healing and balancing body energy. It is a perfect companion to chiropractic care – both seeking to switch on your body’s own wonderful and built in healing powers. Acupuncture points may be comfortably stimulated in a variety of ways, always respecting the desires of each patient. Dr. Bicanich has used acupuncture in his practice since 1985.

Functional Medicine

Ever find yourself wondering “why” when it comes to your health? Why did I develop this problem? Why do I feel this way? A clear distinction between conventional approaches and functional medicine is that very question, “why?”.


Vitamins, minerals, supplements: How do I know if I am getting enough/too much? What kinds of symptoms and conditions are related to deficiencies, and respond favorably to effective supplementation and diet modifications? We have the tools to help guide you to informed answers and some clear choices to help you grow your health.

Family Wellness

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Stay Well Lectures

We have several fun and informative natural health talks ready to present to your club, community group or church, including “30 Minutes to Health,” “You Are What You Digest,” and “Female Hormone Imbalance Solutions.” These are offered at no charge as part of our mission to serve our community.

Weight loss

We have some exciting new options for weight loss – not focused on short-term gimmicky diets, but rather on healthy enjoyable and satisfying ways to eat for life. Depending on your goals, there are choices available to fit your needs, desires and the pace at which you wish to proceed.