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Dr. Bicanich has been very skilled and thoughtful in helping me to reduce pain and increase mobility and strength. He always treats the whole person, and is willing to work with other providers for my best interests in healing and staying as active and healthy as I can. He has helped with supplement recommendations, and he has also helped many others I have recommended to receive his care. Joan K.

 It has been easy to schedule with Dr. Bicanich, and the appointments are reasonably priced and take less than 30 minutes out my day, and I feel the effects of his care immediately.

Gregory S.

Dr. Barry applies his strong background in health care to help his patients get back on the road to recovery.  He has made a world of difference to my back that has made doing my job much easier.  Thank you Dr. Barry.

Doug D.

I have not worked with a chiropractor before and Dr. Barry was very helpful in answering all my questions and making me feel comfortable. He’s a gentle and sensitive practitioner and my back pain has pretty much cleared up under his treatments. I would recommend him to others with no hesitation at all.

Linda C.

Dr. Barry Bicanich is a very knowledgeable and highly trained chiropractor who possesses a great passion for his profession and a great concern for his patients. He is trained in a variety of treatment modalities and combines this therapy along with high quality science based nutritional supplements to provide a comprehensive approach to create optimal patient outcomes.  He has treated me for back issues and I am very happy with the results and highly recommend him to anyone.  He offers many more solutions to health issues that go above and beyond spinal adjustment.

Robert R.

I love the way that Dr. B. is committed to helping me live healthy in all aspects of my life.  His diverse and unique expertise has been very helpful in treating and managing all areas of my health, helping me plan and develop a healthy lifestyle, beyond what I might receive from my regular doctor.

Gereon Y.

I first started coming to Dr. Bicanich in May 2008.  At the time not only did I have the usual aches and pains of a person who spends 8 hours a day at the computer, but I also had bad bouts of asthma and plantar fasciitis. Going to see Dr. Bicanich just once per month eased my asthma to the point where I could go off my prescription inhaler, which was quite expensive. I receive both chiropractic adjustments as well as acupuncture. My flair ups of plantar fasciitis are gone as are the sinus headaches and stiff shoulders.  Regular visits to his office have made me healthier. It may sound odd, but he also has saved me money by eliminating some of the prescriptions I used to take and reducing the number of times I felt I had to go to the clinic. What I think I appreciate the most is that he goes the extra mile to find the cause of your aches and pains and not just treat the symptoms. Jan P.